Monday, September 30, 2013

"Grab Bag" Box from Amy Tan(gerine)

When I was 8, I loved to go to Gift Gate (now called Sanrio) at Eastridge Mall in San Jose and get their Grab Bags...they were always awesome because you were always surprised what was in them--and you couldn't go wrong with Hellow Kitty, My Melody or the Twins!  

So when I seen Amy Tan had posted on Instagram that she was selling "grab" boxes a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get one.  Her first batch was $25, but sold out in 30 minutes and I was too late.  But then she did another batch for $40 that promised more product than the other one.  I was fast enough and bought one!

Then she had a baby (yay!), but my tracking number just sat as "mailing label printed" for a week :(  Totally understandable--BUT today my husband texted me to let me know I had a package...I finally got my Grab Bag in the about happy mail!

I figured there would be some new stuff but lots of "used" items. Like this

But those were the only "scraps" in the box...

Mostly the box was full of new stuff!!

Amy Tangerine papers...from Sketchbook, her original line, and Yes, Please, along with blue corrugated paper!
12 sheets of Glitz paper

A few solid paper (I'm guessing American Crafts)...the white is maybe Bazzill Dotted Swiss Cardstock and a Hambly transparency.

All Double Sided--the paper alone at a local scrapbook store would be more than $40!

Need buttons, sequins, or ribbon?  I got some!

BUT that's not all folks...brand spanking new stickers, stamps, veneers, and a daybook

I could not believe all that was in that box...totally worth the price and the wait.  I already have the roller date stamp, but my daughter is starting to scrapbook her college years, so she will totally be able to use it!

After I took the Amy Tan class at Scrapbook Territory in April, I knew she was awesome, but now I think she is even more awesome!


  1. I totally missed this post! I can't believe how much stuff you got for only $40! So awesome!:)

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve all your goodies! Jackpot!

    1. yes! I was totally surprised at all the goodies inside :)

  3. Nice buy!! Everything looks fun : )

    1. Now I just need to use it all. ha ha ha


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