Saturday, August 31, 2013

My first online class--Studio Calico Letterpress

It has been a while since I've blogged, but I haven't really been too crafty this summer.  A few weeks ago, we dropped my daughter off to I've been adjusting.  Then I went into "depression shopping" mode (aka Retail Therapy) which can be dangerous.

When the L Letterpress first came out a few years ago, I totally wanted one, but held off and then I forgot about it.  Then I seen Mrsjennyg on Instagram had found the letterpress kit on clearance at Hobby Lobby and also found inks on clearance at Joann's...thus my "awesome deal" search began.

I was not as lucky as she was at any of the stores in my area, though.  So I went to Google and found that you can use the letterpress plates with a Cuttlebug or Sizzix Big Shot, which I had!!  Yay!  Then I found this awesome Letterpress class that Studio Calico was offering.

(It was a week after I left my daughter 2 1/2 hours away and it was late...I was both sad and tired and I hit the "buy the class" button--oops!  ha ha ha.)

But it came with this awesome kit (I LOVE the vintage camera!)

As I was googling, I came across the Sizzix Letterpress plates which were all on clearance.
I bought all 14 of these on clearance with a free shipping code...$40!!!  (less than $3 a piece--woo hoo!!)  Even through my depression shopping, I have to find the best deals :D

The Studio Calico kit only came with a few pieces of Letterpress paper, but I didn't want to use it all up.  So I tried watercolor paper and some card stock I had on hand, but nothing was really making the impression on the paper, so I headed over to Aaron Brothers (with a 50% off coupon I got online) and came home with 15 sheets of 300 gsm 9x12 paper!!!  It isn't as bright as the paper my kit came with, but it is good enough for practicing.

This past week, I also found this super cute Halloween Letterpress plate on Amazon (thanks to Kismet1990 on Instagram).

Originally $25, I got it for $13 including shipping!!  

Then I went to eBay and bid on some Silver ink which was $3.50 (w/shipping) and I won.  I also bid on a a tube of black for the same amount...that auction doesn't end until Monday though (fingers crossed).  I really don't want to pay full price ($6.99 plus tax and shipping) and I haven't found anywhere around me that sells the ink anymore.  Good thing you can use stamp ink though :)

I am afraid to tally up all my spending on this new obsession though since I also had to buy a brayer and new cutting pads for the Sizzix to make a crisp impression--oops ha ha ha.  

I cannot wait for the class to start tomorrow.


  1. Oh man. I always wanted the L Letterpress! Well, let me know how it goes and don't forget to show all the goodies you make! This way, I can justify getting one, haha!;)

    1. I wish I could say that I love it, but it is another one of those things I had to do and not really use it too much :) Maybe if I sold cards it would be an awesome investment :D

  2. Oh wow! You got some really great deals! Yay for you! I have never heard of a Letter Press but then I have never been into any of the scrapbooking "machines"....
    Hope you have a lot of fun w/ your new purchases! Don't forget to show them off here on your blog!

    And ((hugs)) to you for your sadness... Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you. I know we are supposed to let go, but it really is hard :D

  3. oooh looove reading your post! I can hear the excitement! Im so happy for you and... jelly too! I have not started this class. Thanks for inspiring me! I may have ti run down to my local art store and get this paper!

    1. Did you ever do this class? I was kinda disappointed in the pdf's, but I love the vintage camera...let see how many end up on my layouts--ha ha ha...


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