Saturday, June 22, 2013

Senior Ball (Prom)

One month ago, my daughter went to her Senior Prom.  Not only was it her last high school dance, it was also her first and only dance she attended in high school (and junior high).  Yep...maybe we are overbearing... overprotective...helicopter parents...but that is ok because she is a happy teenager (as happy as teenager are when they aren't being hormonal brats--ha ha ha).(She was allowed to attend the Junior Prom last year, but she decided against it.)

Those who really know me, know that I am not a shopper...sure I love browsing the scrapbook stores and Target just fine, but I hate clothes shopping with a passion and I hate clothes shopping with others even more!  So I was really really dreading Prom Dress shopping--I know--who hates that?  Ok, I don't truly hate it, but I knew it would be me saying "what about this" "what about this one", etc. only to see eyerolls. 

Luckily, dad and brother were along for our first store...Macy's Valley Fair.

The dresses that were not chosen:

Dress #1

Dress #2

We bought Dress #3

Then just to be sure we didn't miss anything, we went down to the Junior's department.  But according to my daughter, those were all Jr. Prom dresses...not Senior Ball dresses...ok, whatever, I've been out of school for a long time.

Dress #4

I did get her to try this one on just for the heck of it.  We both loved it, but it wasn't what she wanted to wear to her Ball.

While I was paying for Dress #3, she seen another similar dress, but in a different color.  So after trying on Dress #4, she tried on one more dress.

She loved it even more than the one I had just paid for.  We came home with 2 dresses that day.  I really liked the blue (dress #3), but everyone I showed really preferred Dress #5. 

Luckily, I took the blue dress back because you will see later on that one of her friends had a similar (not exact) dress in blue!  phew!!!

So the first store was also the last...not so bad.  And no drama--yay!!!

Then we took a 3 week hiatus, because well, I hate shopping!  ha ha ha.

The Saturday before the Prom, we went shopping for a necklace, bracelet, barrette, and shoes.  Shoes...even though my goddaughter was going to loan her the shoes she wore once to her prom...but no, they were a bit too big--ugh...whatever!  Let's just say, we came home with NOTHING that day :/  I did make a last minute makeup appointment at Bare Essentials (yes, I procrastiate).

So Sunday (Mother's day mind you), we headed out to the Great Mall...this time with dad so he could be the buffer :D  The day was a success (thank goodness!).

We finally had everything to put her together including the makeup appointment.  I was going to do her hair.  Everyone that sees me on a day-to-day basis knows I don't wear makeup (even when I do wear make-up, it is minimal) and my hair is always in a bun.  So every person that I told I was going to do her hair gave me this look of "are you crazy?  how are you going to do that?"  Well most people didn't see me in the 80's when I would spend an hour plus doing my hair.  If you can do 80's hair, you can do any hair--ha ha ha ha.

The day of the Prom, we got up early and were the first people at the nail salon at 8:58...she got her first Pedicure and first set of acrylic nails...and first eyebrow waxing.  That place took forever...and we were lucky to be the first people there because that place was crazy packed!!! 

Our next appointment wasn't until 2:30 to get her make up done.  My mom  went with us to the appointment.  This was also a first for her...she has never worn make-up either (no, we aren't cruel parents...she has friends...she is happy...she is fine...).

She did not look like my baby!!!!

Then we rushed home to do her hair.  There was so much product in her hair.  It should have stayed, right?  She has the thickest and straightest hair ever!!  Ever since she was little and I would curl her hair, it wouldn't last too long.  But this time there was mousse in her hair (washed the day before)...there was "lifting" gel...I read how you hair spray and let dry before curling...I did everything and it looked beautiful...even with everyone stressing out that I wouldn't get it done in time!!!  She did decide she wanted glitter, so dad went to the store and found nothing.  So grandma (my mom) went and just came home with craft glitter...whatever works, right.

PERFECT!!! (and surprised everyone how awesome of a job I did :D )  there is glitter in there (not flakes of dandruff--ha ha ha ha)

We headed over to a local mansion/hotel to take pictures...what about a date?  Her and her friends didn't have dates.  They went together...I think it is so awesome that girls do that.  She had a blast with her boys saying they didn't want to dance...

See her friend on the far left of the picture?  Her dress is the same exact material/color as the blue (dress #3) that we took back to the store--Phew!!!!

We had a bit of fun and she posed for this...please note...we are NOT cool parents and she is holding Sparkling Cider :)

The venue of the Prom was in the next town over called Willow Heights Mansion.  Good thing my husband and I were dropping the girls off because that drive was pretty scary on a barely 2 lane windy road!  The view was pretty awesome though.

She had a fantastic time.

That morning I had her do a "before" pictures so I could do a She's All That/The Princess Diaries comparison.

ok...we did an over-exaggeration of the before picture because she doesn't really wear her glasses all the time (and please excuse my stupid hard water dirty sidewalk--blah!)  

And one last picture...her after-dancing-all-night hair...see her hair is so thick and heavy.  I could have superglued her hair and it would have still fallen!!

If you've read through this all...thank you for letting me share :)


  1. love your post thanks for sharing a special day with us readers! She looked beautiful!

    1. Thank was pretty exciting for us :D

  2. So pretty! Love the dress she finally wound up wearing! Pink is fun! BTW - I HATE shopping too!!!! Always have. So far my daughter is the same, yay! LOL! But she is only 11 so that may change in time. And I didn't go to any of my dances either, not even my Senior prom...oh the horror! Hahahahahah!

    1. Thank you. yes, Pink was the more fun option :)

  3. I loved the first dress you bought (like a starry summer night!), but good thing she picked another! I think she looks beautiful without make-up so I can see why she hasn't really worn it.:)

    1. Thank you :) yes, the blue was more elegant but the pink was more fun (youthful??? Hahaha)

  4. I really loved the dress #3- sadly I have a son that is starting his Sr year, so all I get to do is "rent a tux"- lol


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