Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project Life~Weeks 20-23 (January)

I have been so far behind on my Project Life.  I've been good in actually taking the pictures daily, but I haven't kept up on the journaling.

At the end of January, I had printed all my January photos, but that is where it stopped.  Last week, I thought I only had a month to print, but it turns out I had 2 months (and a week)!  I sat down and printed them out (most of them were already cropped, just not printed).

The next day, I sat down and matched the pictures to journal cards...I was finally making progress.  For the past week, I've sat and journaled a week some evenings.  Finally have January completed!  woo hoo! 

This month, I tried to stay with a "resolutions": Health, Spending less/Using supplies, and Organization.

Week 20

(the first page states my "resolutions" what I am focusing on this year)
Wednesday - 1-Focus on Health
Thursday - 2-Focus on Spending Less and Using Supplies
Friday - 3-Focus on Organizing
Saturday - Putting Ornaments away (Organizing)
Sunday - Making breakfast and lunch for the coming week (Health)
Monday - Walking the dog after work (Health)
Tuesday - Send out giveaway and refund of Epson photo (Use Supplies/Offset Spending)

Week 21

Wednesday - Gathering all my Valentine Stamps (Using Supplies)
Thursday - New Cleats for my son and the new baseball season (Health)
Friday - Studio Calico PL kit--I subscribed before the new year and my resolutions (using supplies)
Saturday - 49er playoff game--Hubby got the hook up on tickets (spending less--kinda)
Sunday - You can't go without all the time--as long as you don't eat the whole thing (health)
Monday - Being sick sucks, but eating Ramen makes it a little better (health)
Tuesday - Free wine from work (spending less)

Week 22

Wednesday - New tires on Tahoe (not spending less)
Thursday - El Pollo Loco tacos (spending less and being healthier)
Friday - Cricut and roller date stamp (Organizing)
Saturday - New Beds (not spending less)
Sunday - Boy's bedroom furniture (Organizing)
Monday - Getting rid of VHS movies (organizing)
Tuesday - Drinking water (health)

Week 23

Wednesday - Floor heater at work (health--not getting sick)
Thursday - Using Cricut markers and Craft Room (Using Supplies)
Friday - At Ikea (Organizing)
Saturday - Clean Kitchen (Organizing)
Sunday - Clean bedroom (Organizing)
Monday - Kids making Honor Roll (Healthy for their brains)
Tuesday - Husband going back to school (health)

Thanks for looking :)

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