Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scrapbook Expo 2013

This past weekend, I headed up to Pleasanton to hangout with some scrapbookers at the Scrapbook Expo to shop and crop.

Jossie, Kristen, me (blah!), and Liz
(taken by Cameron/edited by me)

I've know Liz for about 9 years now--we've attended an Expo crop years ago together.  We met Jossie and Kristen via Instagram.  Crazy, right?  (well I did meet Liz via MySpace--way before Facebook was the thing to do--it wasn't a pick-up spot for me--I met my best scrapbook buddy there!)

The price of the crop included a goody was my choice--I love the brown/pink combo! (now if I will just use it :D )

We had a great time.  I carpooled up with Liz and her daughter Cameron and we left about 4:30 (we got there a bit before 8am).

Here are my shopping goodies:

At first, I really wasn't finding much.  I mean do I really need these brads I got (only $1 per packet, but still!)?  At the last booth (first time around), I found this Amy Tangerine stamp that I have been really wanting.  There weren't very many deals...well let me rephrase that...Unless, you wanted to stay at the same cramped booth digging through items, there weren't very many deals :D  Plus, I have a ton of stickers, letter stickers, paper, embellishments to last me a lifetime, so my head was telling me I don't need anything!

Then I took one last look at the Stamps of Life booth.  I have watched her 30 second cards {in 5 minutes} videos plenty of times and find her hilarious.  The first time I walked by it, it was crazy crowded, so I figured I would circle back at the end--what a mistake for my pocketbook!

First I just had the Cupcake stamps and matching dies.  Well if you spent $50, you got the cute bag...At $32, I was almost there right (ok, in my shopping mind I was!), so I got the Princess crown stamp set--ok, my Accountant calculator was turned off because that wasn't enough to reach my $50 goal--duh!  And for the record, I have no clue what I am going to do with those cute, but I don't really have anyone that young to do crowns for...oh well, I will figure it out.  So I needed 1 more stamp set to get the free bag.  I really like this Dragonfly for some reason.  Well not only did I get my free bag ($60 later--blah!), I also got a free ink pad--I was in a hurry because I was holding up the line (well maybe not, but I felt like I was), so I just chose brown.

I have already used the ink--I love it!  I wish I would have gotten more of her inks.  The bag...I am regretting spending so much to get that thing.  It is super cute, but it is huge!  I mean you can't put anything heavy in it because then it would just be heavy and probably break, so I don't know what I will be doing with the bag--that I HAD to have :)  Oh well that was my only real purchase of the day and I haven't bought too much since the beginning of the year. 

Now I just need to use these stamps!

I also received this goodies bag from Liz!  She is so awesome :)  She is definitely the hostess with the mostest.

Oh...what did I work on at the crop?  Not too much...I had a blast getting know my new InstaFriends!  I probably chatted too much--ha ha ha.  I did finally get my Florida trip (from May 2012) SMASHbook completed with the photos and souvenirs, but I have to go back and journal it. 

Most of this book was already started...I only had to finish the last 4 or so pages and the front cover.

The rest of the time, I spent cutting out my 2x2 pictures of my crochet projects (I will share my prints from Persnickety Photos soon).  Yes, I have a paper cutter-- no it doesn't work I manually had to cut them and it took forever.  I wish I would have done that at home so I could have started my book of crochet projects at the Expo crop.

I really hope to get together with this group of girls again soon!


  1. Cool!:) I can't believe we've been friends for 9 years now! Hope we can definitely get together more often...especially since our kids are growing up (way too fast)!:)

    1. I know...times sure does fly by. Too bad you can't go to the Amy Tan class at the end of the month. We will have to figure out some time soon to get together :)


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