Saturday, January 19, 2013

The crafting weekend that wasn't :(

I was so excited that I had a 3 day weekend and was planning on having at least 2 of the days of doing nothing but crafting. Well, real life happens and instead, I will be organizing my son's room with his new bed and furniture. I am sure it will mean that my garage will be acquiring more stuff that I can't let go of (yet).

My daughter is next in line but I told her she would have to wait until after the Super Bowl since we have our annual party in 2 weeks.

Soon, I will get to scrapbook--I hope!

Pics of my craft room :( and living room as of now.


  1. Awsome workspace! Love all your supplies! I'm trying to get my craftroom together too. It's hard because I want to craft not organize!

  2. Bummer!
    Here's hoping you have time to "be crafty" soon!


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