Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions (no pictures--boo!)

Every year, the same thing comes up once January 1st rolls around.  What resolutions should I make...and every year on the list is lose weight and get organized.  And every year it just doesn't happen.

This year, I am going to try and take advice from Ali Edwards and choose a word for a year.  Well kinda.

I have read about Ali's class, but I do not plan to take it and even though it is a cool concept, I never thought I would use One word to get me through a year.  Then I seen someone on Instagram post their word--Focus.  And I thought--that is a great word!

Now I don't plan to really do the One Little Word 2013, but I would like to trade "resolution" for "focus".

This year I plan to FOCUS on becoming healthier.  I have been taking blood pressure medicine since 2010 and I would really like to stop doing that!  Every year I plan to stop and every year I lack the focus to do so.

I want to FOCUS on using the supplies I have and not buy anything else for my hobbies...There are a few exceptions:
1. adhesives (duh!)
2. ink/photo printing
3. The 2 Roller Date Stamps I don't already have, but really really need want.
4. Yarn for gift projects
5. Um, I subscribed to the Studio Calico Project Life kit and I have a 6 month obligation. (truth be told from the looks of the first kit, I don't think I am going to like it, but there are lots of ladies on 2peas that are willing to buy it.  I don't plan on taking advantage of this, but after I see it in real life and I don't want it, I will be selling it at cost--I am 95% sure)

I want to FOCUS on getting rid of the boxes and boxes of clutter that I have--they contain old bills (do I really need pager bills from before the millennium?)  As an accountant, this will take a lot of strength to do! :)

I know I have an addiction gene in me...I just need to learn how to transfer the addictions from roller date stamps or yarn to eating healthier and exercising daily.


  1. Hi Friend!
    So sorry I haven't been by in a while!
    This year is the first year I have evr made real resolutions so wish me luck!

    Good luck to you on yours! You can do it!!! :0)


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