Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playing with Cricut Craft Room Freebies

I've mentioned before that Cricut has weekly freebies in their Craft Room program and this week they had Don Juan for free!  The past month or two they have had free cuts that I wouldn't really use so I was excited that this was a whole cartridge for free (until January 9)!  This cartridge only comes free with the Cricut Create machine and on eBay the cartridge goes for lots of money because it is rare.

After checking out what the cartridge had to offer, I realized I didn't need it :D (my resolution thanked me!)

Instead of boxing up Christmas today, I played with my Cricut and made some cuts using the free program.

Various Colors of "Thanks" to be used on cards.  (they are 5.5" wide by 1.75")

They had an envelop and even though my Cricut isn't big enough, I tried it out.  It is cute, but would only hold a 3.25" x 4.5" card (if that).  Still cute.

Some basic 2.5" snowflakes :) (and I saved the negative--maybe to use for a card background)

Some 4" high whimsical trees.

This one, I should have saved the file to share, but since I don't own Don Juan I didn't see a reason to save the file, now I do :/

I will try my best to explain.  First with the Cricut Craft Room Basic, I used the rounded square (Basic tab/Shift/last row/first cut) and unlocked the ratio aspect to make it 3x4.  I added another of the same cut, but this time made it 2.75x3.75 and centered and welded it.  Now you get a basic rounded rectangle frame.  This can be saved for future use!  

The "OH Happy Day" is a phrase on the Don Juan cartridge and I just added and stretched it to weld to the top, bottom, and sides (the ratio aspect has to be unlocked).   The O actually has a smiley face in it but I didn't want that so I just used an "O" from the font and welded that on top of the O from the phrase.  

I plan to use the basic rounded rectangle frame to make my own cute phrase like Ali Edwards makes.

(photo from

And just to be clear--I don't work or get paid from Cricut ha ha ha.  I just am starting to love this machine again--although I need to start using the cuts instead of just storing them!!!


  1. This is awsome how you weld and use the cricut room. I have logged on but not got any further than that. You make it sound easy!! :)

    1. Craft Room definitely takes the Cricut to a whole new level :) I don't think I have used my Cricut without it since I figured out how to use the program!

  2. Okay, so if you design something and save it while it's free you get to keep that aspect of the free cute after it stops being free? I'm new to craft room!

    1. I don't believe you can use the cut after the week is up even if you save it :( You have to either own the cartridge/download to use it after the free time period is up.


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