Monday, December 31, 2012

Project Life ~ Weeks 15b-19 (December)

I am about 1/3 the way through my Project Life album...The past 2 months have been easy since I took the Gratitude concept for November and the Daily December concept for December.  I hope the next 8 months are a breeze.

I went through 12/31 with the holiday theme and I probably could do a few more pages with all the decor (and meanings) I have in my house.

Week 15b (part a was in November)

Saturday - Ugly Sweater (according to my kids)
Sunday - Christmas movie Love :)
Monday - Christmas music!
Tuesday - Holiday Barbies

Week 16

Wednesday - Snowman (white) tree
Thursday - Food Donation for work
Friday - Work tree trimming party
Saturday - Got our tree (from Home Depot)
Sunday - Our "pretty" real tree
Monday - Our fake traditional with ornaments from both mom's houses
Tuesday - Charlie Brown tree (White Elephant score!)

Week 17

Wednesday - Parts of my Snowmen Collection
Thursday - My daughter's tree (5th tree in the house)
Friday - Santana Row tree
Saturday - Store Decor while shopping
Sunday - Toys bought for others
Monday - Cards I sent out
Tuesday - Cards we received wall

Week 18

Wednesday - Wreath (made in 1997)
Thursday - Nativity set
Friday - Snowman Nativity set
Saturday - gifts from 1st Christmas Celebration
Sunday - Decor in the Family room
Monday - Christmas Eve at 2nd Celebration--Chaos 
Tuesday - Christmas Day--Kid's loot

Week 19

Wednesday - My Christmas Loot :)
Thursday - Ceramic Tree that belonged to husband's mom
Friday - Outside decor
Saturday - Trip to San Francisco
Sunday - Last Starbuck's red cup of the season
Monday - playing Apples to Apples & Monopoly on New Year's Eve 
Tuesday - My kids with my 3 nieces & nephew...finally getting a picture this season.

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