Monday, December 3, 2012

Project Life ~ Weeks 11-15 (November)

In the Blogosphere, there are lots of scrapbookers out there that do a gratitude album during the month of November.  This year, Cathy Zielske did a "30 days of Thankful" on her blog.

Instead of doing a whole other album with daily thoughts/pictures, I have decided just to incorporate my Thankfulness into my Project Life album.  Some of my Thankfuls are silly, but others are serious.

Week 11

Wednesday - (still October) Even though it was Halloween, my kids don't dress up and plus they went to the SF Giants World Series parade!!!!  FUN times
Thursday - Thankful for Online Stores
Friday - Thankful for Corn (my daughter) and No more Braces (us)
Saturday - Thankful for Medical Insurance
Sunday - Thankful for drive thru Starbucks
Monday - Thankful for Daylight Savings Time (because getting home when it is dark sucks!)
Tuesday - Thankful for being American and Voting

Week 12

Wednesday - Thankful for Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday - Thankful for Freebies!
Friday - Thankful for our sense of humor
Saturday - Thankful for my grandma (her birthday!)
Sunday - Thankful for Veterans that keep our country safe
Monday - Thankful for No school days
Tuesday - Thankful for the Internet

Week 13

Wednesday - Thankful for a Home Photo Printer
Thursday - Thankful for my Morning Radio (Sarah & Vinnie)
Friday - Thankful for Target
Saturday - Thankful for My Daughter
Sunday - Thankful for My Son
Monday - Thankful for My Husband
Tuesday - Thankful for my Job!!!  (17th Anniversary here!)

Week 14

Wednesday - Thankful for My Home
Thursday - Thankful for Family (Thanksgiving Meal)
Friday - Thankful for Black Friday Deals
Saturday - Thankful for Leftovers
Sunday - Thankful for My Keurig Machine
Monday - Thankful for my son getting his license!!
Tuesday - Thankful for Small Shops (especially my Local Scrapbook Store)

Week 15 (Wednesday-Friday only)

Wednesday - Thankful for Days off from work
Thursday - Thankful for my husband being able to work from home
Friday - Thankful for Dental Insurance

It was nice to not really have to think of something to take a picture of each day.  I knew at the beginning of the month most of the items on my list, but I just had to fit them into the month. 

My month of December will be similar in that I will just be talking about the Christmas season and not really having to think of things to take pictures of...they might not even be pictures I took on that day! (shhh!!) :D  I already have 20 of the 31 days figured out--woo hoo!


  1. I like it...the things you are "thankful" for and the method you used to document them! A lot of those things I am thankful for too!

  2. Thank you--As much as I like how easy Project Life is layout wise, I don't think I will go beyond the year. I also enjoyed being thankful for a month, but I don't see myself doing that every year either :D


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