Sunday, December 30, 2012

Obsession--Roller Date Stamp AND my 100th post! (giveaway)

My name is Linda and I am addicted to...wait, haven't I started a post like this before??  ha ha ha.

My latest obsession is Roller Date Stamps.  In 2011, I had 2 and I didn't know why I even had that many.  I had the green SMASH and pink Dear Lizzy.  That was it...that was plenty.

Then CHA 2012 came along and the enablers at 2peas had me drooling over some new Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy stamps.  Plus, in August I had just started Project Life and these were perfect to stamp my daily journal cards.  And so my collection began.

Starting from the top:

7. Hello Kitty (at Michaels)

I have a funny story about the Hello Kitty is kinda scary though--ha ha ha.  I guess I should have driven myself to rehab instead of Michaels!  I had gone to Michaels on a Sunday and seen the cool end cap with Hello Kitty stuff.  I like Hello Kitty, but I am not that big of a fan (at least not now--30 years ago, I was).  So I took a picture, flipped through the cute Smash like book and went on my way...well a couple of days later, the ladies at 2peas posted something about the Hello Kitty Roller Date Stamp--what!?!?  Why didn't I see that?  It was lunch time, so I drove the the closest Michaels near my work and all the way over there I am thinking..."what if I missed out?" "what if they are all gone?" "what if I don't get one?"  Seriously, I should have went to the hospital at that point :)  They didn't have it, but they also didn't have that end cap up at that store yet.  So after work, I stopped at the Michaels near my house and searched the store (because they moved the end cap!).  I was lucky and found the stamp.  I have yet to use that dang roller date stamp!  ha ha ha

The Dear Lizzy Studio Calico stamp (center in the photo) was a limited edition stamp that only came with a kit in March 2012 via Studio Calico.  But I had to have says "Happy Birthday" among other things (no, I cannot just write happy birthday--ha ha ha).  So I went to the For Sale or Trade Board at 2peas and someone graciously traded $10 to send me this stamp.  I am one to be frugal and always use a coupon--Roller date stamps run about $5 or so dollars...and I was willing to pay $15!!!!  Serious problem (shaking my head).

Late August, I had pre-ordered the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic, the Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Photo Op, and the Studio Calico Classic Calico 3.  Well they have still not shipped and it is December.  Let me correct that.  So I seen that 2Peas had the Amy Tangerine in stock so I bought that one (again) and finally the online store (I won't smash the company, but I won't buy from them again) sent me 1 of the 3 stamps...the one I had just purchased.  It is now 4 months later and I have not received the last 2.  I do understand the problems the small home business had, but other places have these stamps in stock now.  Anyway, for Christmas, I asked for the Dear Lizzy stamp (which I had seen at my Local Scrapbook Store) and Santa brought it to me :)  The same store should be getting the Studio Calico one soon and I have asked the online company to cancel and refund the rest of my order.

Not making a case that I don't have a problem, Cathy Z and my bestie Liz had instagrammed a photo of the J.Crew Holiday Phrase stamp.  Well they sold out online really quick.  There are a few brick and mortar stores near me, but I was like I am not going to spend $12 on that--I don't need it and it doesn't even have a date on it.  So I thought I finally won, but while my husband and I were shopping at the mall a few weeks before Christmas, I seen J.Crew and thought...hey, why not, I found 1--woo hoo!  I asked the cashier if there were any more for my bestie (and she looked in the back even though there was a line).  But I got the last one :/  I let Santa give this to me as well.

That was it...I was done, (well except for waiting for the Classic Calico one--did I mention that it has an Instagram phrase on it?)

Well a few days ago, the nice enabling ladies at 2Peas let the world know that Target is carrying the cutest American Crafts Valentine Roller Date Stamp.  Since I read that post on Thursday, I have visited 5 Target!!!  The last 2 had Valentine stuff in their scrapbook section, but no roller date stamp!!!  I am frazzled :(

That is it!  After I find those last 2, no more roller date stamps for me! (Please scrapbook companies, do not come out with cuter ones at the Winter CHA, please!)

Sorry for the lack of photos this post, but if you have made it this far, I want to celebrate my 100th post and giveaway the Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Photo Op (blue handle) stamp.  Since I ordered from the online shop that shall remain anonymous and 2peas, I ended up with 2 of them.

I will leave this contest open for a week--Please comment by midnight Sunday, January 6, 2013, and I will pick a random lucky winner!

Thank you for reading and stopping by :)


  1. Wow! I had absolutley no idea there were so many different types of roller stamps out on the market!!!
    I have only owned one roller date stamp, a simple month/date/year stamp, and it became useless after 2011. Darn! Since then I have been meaning to get a new one but just haven't yet. Thank goodness I didn't know about all the different types or I may just as well have become addicted...LOL!
    I asked for the Smash Book one for Christmas from my mom but we haven't exchanged gifts yet so IDK if she bought it for me. ::crossing fingers she did::

    Good luck w/ your contest and addiction!

  2. Oh I forgot....Congrats on your 100th post!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th Post!!! I'm totally addicted to the roller date stamps myself! My hope is that I will put them all to good use! lol