Sunday, December 2, 2012

My first YouTube Tutorial!!

So if you are brave to sit through 12 minutes of me talking, you can watch me show you how to make the Swirly Christmas Tree I posted about on Friday.

First off, sorry if I sound bored--I was SO not bored--just nervous.  Secondly, I totally didn't mean to go over 10 minutes of instructions--sorry!  I really had a "script" to follow in my head, but I didn't want to read a written script so I winged it.  So excuse the Um's and pauses, please :D

(I don't know why it sounds like I am saying access, but I am saying AXIS!)

Also, watching it back on YouTube, I didn't realize the quality was going to be so blah and I should not have shot the video vertically!!  oops--lessoned learned.

If that is way too much work to deal with, you can just download the file here: Swirl Tree link 

Or if you prefer, here is a table:

Tab Shift Image Rotate Width Height X Y
Fancy/Corner ON #2 138.1 2.986 2.042 1.411 0.333
Tall/Border ON #4  Flip 2.681 0.597 1.568 2.141
Basic ON #2 Flip 1.917 1.958 0.798 2.623
Basic ON #2 Flip & Mirror 1.944 1.986 3.028 2.597
Basic ON #4 90 0.486 1.667 2.603 3.181
Tall/Border ON #2 - 5.097 1.847 0.333 4.499

(Still can't figure out how to put lines between the columns and rows--my apologies)

I hope to help others and put out more videos, but I won't bombard you with them (yet) ha ha ha.

Thank you for watching.


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