Sunday, December 30, 2012

Epson Charm vs. Target prints

I really did not plan on posting this, but after posting a giveaway on my 100th post, I realized I didn't have 100 posts yet!  (I was 1 shy--dang draft threw me off)--so this post is actually backdated to make my 100th post a real 100th post :)

I am not sure if I have talked about how much I love my Epson Picturemate Charm.  Well I love it!  I got it for my birthday in 2011.  During the first year, I used it, but not very often.  Then I started Project Life and now I use it all the time!  It makes it so much easier.  Well I ran out of ink (2 pack since starting in August) and I really wanted to be caught up with the month of December so I thought I will just use Target online photo center.

Well I am kinda sad...the photo in the back is the Target photo (ok, this one isn't a great comparison because the top picture wasn't lightened enough before printing it on the Epson).  Target's "glossy" isn't the same glossy as the Epson (can you see the glare the Epson is giving off?).

Again Target print

Epson Print 

You cannot tell from the picture of the pictures, but the Target prints also came back to me a bit grainer.

I hope to not have to use Target again.

My only complaint about the Epson Charm is the Paper/Ink packs.  You have to buy the photo paper with the ink.  So for $40 (the cheapest I have seen is $37) for 150 photos.  But I have never used all 150 papers.  The ink just bad colored pictures will print (good thing, right?), it just stops printing.  

But Epson has a great satisfaction guarantee, but I would rather get all 150 prints than send the leftovers (with the receipt and proof of purchase) back to Epson and wait for my money.  I sent paper back the last week of November and I am still waiting for my $8.50 refund.  Now I have to send over 50 papers back to ask for another refund!

(Not counting my guarantee refunds, I was not paid by Epson for this review :D )

**Fun fact about this son is wearing basketball shorts and my daughter is wearing jeans with her dress :D  I just needed 1 nice picture in 5 minutes (although you would think they were 4 and I was torturing them--so it probably took closer to 15 minutes.

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  1. Wow what a difference!
    I have never printed my pics at Target.
    In fact since I went digital (can't remember how long ago that was) I have only printed either at home or thru online printing services: WInkflash, Snapfish, etc...

    BTW- Tee-hee about your kids being dressed up...but not! :0)


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