Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blah Christmas Card

It has been a while since I have blogged.  I blame it on the holidays, but in reality, I just sometime slack on writing.  I know Christmas is over, but I have not shared this card I made.

I think it could be something cute, but it is lacking something--not sure what, but I wasn't thrilled with it.  It accompanied a gift card and I wasn't sad to see this one go.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video showing how to make the swirly tree.  That was the starting point to my card.  Then one day on my way to work, I thought I would used a bird--I am not a big fan of birds, but I wanted this card to say "A little bird told me..."  Then I remember some red velvet paper I had in my stash.

Years and years (and years!) ago, I took a class at the Scrapbook Expo.  It was learning how to decorate Slide Mounts...yeah, slide mounts have not been cool for a while--ha ha ha.  Anyway, I did still have some of the free papers that the class came with.  This cool gold paper (I used for the star--Cricut cartridge George and Basic Shapes) and this red velvet scrap (used for the bird--Cricut cartridge Storybook).

Just to show how old, I dug up the book also bought after the class (it was published in 2005).

Then I was thinking what else I could add to this pretty plan card and I remembered I had some Fun Flock!  Here is my boring selection of embossing powders...Fun Flock (white), Clear, iridescent, and fun (yes, boring!) :D  Again--all stuff I have had in my stash for a while.

I wasn't that thrilled with the look (not sure if you are supposed to heat the fun flock, I just glued it), but it did its job.

Then, because I still wasn't happy, I added some bling, but just went with plain silver.

It is gone now, but I think if I would have used a different color other than white as the base card, it might have been a card that I loved...or maybe it is the bird...I don't like birds!  ha ha ha


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