Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Life ~ Weeks 7-10 (October)

Instead of filling 4 more posts of my PL pages, I am just going to put the whole month of October in one post.  I might do this from now on.  My journal cards aren't very elabroate--even though in my mind I wanted them to be, so there isn't much detail to show off.

Week 7

Wednesday - TV-Survivor--Only show we watch as a family
Thursday - TV--Guilty pleasure Grey's Anatomy :)
Friday - Our Favorite Mexican Restaurant
Saturday - World CardMaking Day
Sunday - SMASH Book addition to my addiction
Monday - Failed Crockpot Ribs
Tuesday - Pinterest idea made

Week 8


Wednesday - Finished 49er baby blanket
Thursday - TV--Big Bang Theory
Friday - "I Love Yarn Day"
Saturday - Movie--Pitch Perfect
Sunday - TV--Once Upon a Time
Monday - 16 year old Check up
Tuesday - Sick day--Technology to work at home

Week 9


Wednesday - TV--Season Premier of American Horror Story
Thursday - Nerd Accountant--Love new Journal Paper 
Friday - Pumpkin Carving at work (lost)
Saturday - Celebrated my friend from elementary school's birthday!!!
Sunday - TV--Revenge
Monday - October birthday celebration with mom and brothers
Tuesday - Take out night

Week 10


Wednesday - Instagram Post//Instagram Icon
Thursday - TV--Elementary
Friday - Wanting to get into shape
Saturday - My son's 16th birthday!!! (he just wanted to stay home, play video games, and eat junk food)
Sunday - The SF Giants win the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday - My current Michaels stash
Tuesday - Pumpkin Bread!!!

Lots of TV still...hoping to have my TV guide wind down soon, but it is an easy filler for my days right now.


  1. Love the variety of topics you have going on!
    And... I think someone really loves TV! LOL! ;0)

    1. Thanks :) yes, I do watch too much tv :p I could make a whole scrapbook of just tv shows! Hahaha

  2. Hi, I found you on instagram. Would you be able to add your followers button to your blog, so i can follow you here?


    1. Welcome, Docerela!

      On the right, there is a "Subscribe to me" button. Also I seen you were tagged on Instagram about the instagram Icon :) Under my header, there is a tab that has links to download the icons and a couple other CCR files. I hope to add more :)


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