Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letting go...but I don't want to

Normally, this blog is just for my crafty projects, but today I will share something personal.

Yesterday was a big day in our house.  First, my 16 year-old son passed his driving test and is now a licensed driver.  Second, my daughter was accepted to Northern Arizona University.

Today, I watched as they drove off...by themselves...without an adult...to school.

I know this is part of them growing up.  When we had them, we were young (we were 21 & 23 when they were born) and at that time, even though it was tough at times, we always said, "well we will only be 42 when they are adults."  Now that doesn't seem so comforting. 

As a parent, worrying seems to grow.  First it is that they are healthy...then it is that they don't hurt themselves.  When they go to school, you worry they won't fit in.  When we sent them to Jr. High, I worried about camera phones & the internet!!!  In high school, it was worrying about drugs and making a sport's team.  

My daughter did not want to get her license and for me that was the right choice for her (plus it allowed me not to let her grow up).  I worried that my son wouldn't pass but he did...now I worry about all the crazy people out there that do drive!!!

Then there is college.  I know I want my children to experience college in a dorm--something I never did.  They need to experience life, but at the same time, I worry about the crazy people on campuses or the weirdos that take girls!!!  But probably mostly, I don't want them to grow up anymore.

Sure the upside is that they will be off our payroll at some point, right?  But as a mother, you want to punch anyone that gets in their way of being awesome!  Today was a sad day, but in a good way (I think).


  1. Awww...congrats to them!
    Sorry you feel sad, but it's to be expected.
    I always say I can't wait until my kids leave but I think I will be sad, at least a little,
    when they do.
    My son will be 18 next year and my daughter will be 11 (7 short years later she will be 18).
    I will be 44 when my baby turns into an adult.
    Hang in there and think of all the positives!


    1. Thank you :) I know there are tons of positives--like not having to nag all the time :D ha ha ha


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