Thursday, October 25, 2012

Instagram Icon using Cricut Craft Room (my first tutorial)

Back in June 2011, I found the most awesome iPhone app ever--Instagram.  I have seen people post crocheted Instagram Icons, Instagram Icons stamps, even Instagram Icon cookies!  So I thought, hey let me try and make an Instagram die cut from my Cricut.  After successfully making it work, I posted the finished project on Instagram (duh!) and I had a couple of people ask if I had a blog with here it is.

First of all, I would like to preface this post by saying that I am NOT a teacher for a living for one good reason--I suck at giving directions/instructions--ha ha ha.  But I will try my best to use pictures and short directions.

I mentioned in my prior blog post about how I came about Cricut Craft Room and which Cricut machine I have--so I won't bore about the detail again :)

You will need to connect your Cricut (any of the machines) to your computer and have Cricut Craft Room as a program.  Cricut Craft Room also has an online version so it won't take space on your computer, but you still need to hook your Cricut to your computer via a USB cord.

DISCLAIMER!  DO NOT use Cricut Craft Room (CCR) if you have SCAL or MTC or any other non-Cricut program (which you probably know if you are a user of said programs, but I don't know want to be responsible if someone doesn't know that :) ) because once you hook your Cricut up to CCR, your Cricut machine will no longer be able to use the 3rd party programs Cricut refuses to let us use.

Also, I know there are plenty of people who can't use CCR for some reason or another, there are plenty of complaints on the Cricut Craft Room Message Board, but I haven't had any problems (knock on wood!) using the Original Baby Bug Cricut and my Mac OS X 10.7.5.

Onto how to make the Instagram die cut.  All of the components are from the free Cricut cartridge "Cricut Craft Room Basics".  

Step 1.  Be sure to click on the "Shift/Lock Image" button.  Then scroll down to the last row and click on the rounded square.  At the top, you will see Width/Height/X/Y.  I will be telling you what numbers to enter in these boxes.

Here is a close up of the top.  Between the Width and Height there is a "lock" button.  Through out (except the circles) you want the button "unlocked".

The base rounded square should be:
Width: 2
Height: 2
X: 1
Y: 1

2.  The next shape is also the rounded square, 
Width: 1.75
Height: 1.75
X: 1.125
Y: 1.125

**IMPORTANT--Be sure you click "Weld" on ALL of these components otherwise it won't weld.

You will also notice on the left, there is another area where you can enter the measurements (I like the top, but you get the same results).

3.  Next will be the line that separates the top from the bottom.  You will use the square this time with the following measurements:
Width: 2
Height: .125
X: 1
Y: 1.5

4.  Again use the Square but use the following:
Width: .125
Height: .556
X: 1.25
Y: 1.014

5. Square again using the following:
Width: .125
Height: .556
X: 1.5
Y: 1.014

6. Also on the "Shift/Lock" area, you will find the heart on the bottom.  Click this and enter:
Width: .403
Height: .333
X: 2.431
Y: 1.2

7.  Now, click on the Circle (same area), be sure the "lock" between the width/height is on "locked" and enter:
Width: 1
(Height should automatically populate to 1)
X: 1.5
Y: 1.435

(The picture says "don't weld" but I welded it after the screen shot--Be sure it is welded!)

8.  Again with the Circle (and locked), then enter:
Width: .694
(Height will be .694)
X: 1.642
Y: 1.576


You have an Instagram Icon to cut.  I know this is pretty big (2 inches).  I also made a 1 inch.  I am not going to go step by step, but will only give you the measurements.

For 1 inch Instagram Icon:

Width Height X Y
Large Rounded Square 1 1 1 1
Small Rounded Square 0.875 0.875 1.063 1.063
Horizontal Line 1 0.083 0.999 1.25
1st Vertical Line 0.083 0.25 1.124 1.06
2nd Vertical Line 0.083 0.25 1.249 1.06
Heart 0.236 0.208 1.644 1.08
Large Circle 0.5 0.5 1.264 1.226
Small Circle 0.375 0.375 1.324 1.28

And just the measurements for the 2 inch Icon:

Width Height X Y
Large Rounded Square 2 2 1 1
Small Rounded Square 1.75 1.75 1.125 1.125
Horizontal Line 2 0.125 1 1.5
1st Vertical Line 0.125 0.556 1.25 1.014
2nd Vertical Line 0.125 0.556 1.5 1.014
Heart 0.403 0.333 2.431 1.2
Large Circle 1 1 1.5 1.435
Small Circle 0.694 0.708 1.642 1.576

You need to go in this order otherwise it might not come out welded right.  I tried to copy the finished product and paste it for multiple cuts, but I was unsuccessful--maybe someone knows how to do that.

Now if that doesn't make sense or is too much work, (and you made it through to the end of the post!), Here is the file that can be downloaded and imported into your CCR.

I have never used this website before, so I hope it is easy to download and is virus free!

**Please note, I made this die cut for the personal use of other--Please do not sell this file--Thank you :)  If you want to cut the file and sell the finished product, feel free to do so, but please credit me. 


  1. I love Instagram and that is a really cool diecut!

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog through a post on Doreen's blog! :) I love that die cut!! I have a Silhouette Cameo, so I wondered if the file would import and trace?

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I am not familiar with how the Cameo works, but the files from the Cricut Craft Room are .ccr files.

  3. Me again!
    Stop by my blog and read today's post. I nominated you for the "Sunshine Blogger Award" and I'm hoping you can play along!


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