Monday, October 15, 2012

Am I better yet?

My name is Linda and I am addicted to keeping everything thing :)

Years (and probably years) ago, I seen online awesome people repurposing CDs from the mail into cute mini albums.  So I collected these...

And they took up room in my drawers, but I realized that I am Never ever ever (Taylor Swift style) going to make anything with these!

Also in my drawers were accumulated faux credit cards from the mail...for what?  I don't know!  Into the recycle bin they went.

Lastly, I love my magazines (I think I have told the world that before--many many times).  And always these things come falling out--I don't remember when, but I started collecting them thinking I could use them for something...what?  I don't know!!!!  I mean I don't need any paper...I have plenty of that.

So I am cured, right?  I mean I tossed them--woo hoo!  (unfortunately, there is plenty left in my cabinets that need to be weeded out :/ )

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