Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Life--Cover

I am embarking on a second try at Project Life.  (In 2009, I made a go at it, but stopped about half way through--at that time, I was not printing any of the pictures as I was taking them...they just sat in a folder on my PC.)

Earlier this year, I bought the page protectors that make it a lot easier to layout each page and have been waiting and waiting to start.  I did not buy all the cards and accessories--instead, I plan to make my own since I have a ton of paper! (and stamps, etc...)

I started on my 39th Birthday and felt that since 4-0 is a big one, it would be cool to take a photo each day to chronicle my life through such a milestone in my life.

Since this is the cover page, I left a space for an "after" picture--me at 40.

I am really hoping this time I will get through a whole year (and I will look a lot healthier).

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