Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letting go...(some of it)

I have already admitted that I hoard are some more things that I have kept for no apparent reason.

Boxes...when I opened my Etsy store, I thought I was going to be shipping lots of items, so what better way to save money and the environment?  Recycle boxes.  I don't even know what came in most of these boxes, but I did want to reuse them.  I have since made sure the packing labels have been removed and placed them in the recycle bin for pick up.  (If I do end up selling anything, most of my items can be packaged in envelopes.)

Styrofoam...Do you know how expensive styrofoam is when you have to buy it at a craft store?  Well this collection has come to me in the boxes above one way or another.  This I kept.  I have storage under my cabinets.  You never know when you will need some styrofoam (maybe).  Only a few pieces that didn't fit in the space were recycled.

Tins...various (mostly hot chocolate) tins that could be altered have been collecting in my space for a while.  In this grouping, I only kept the red rectangular tin.  Everything else has been recycled.

Miscellaneous items...Frosting cans can be altered and are great for storage, but these ones just took up space.  The only item in this bunch that wasn't recycled was the Home Depot gift card box.  That would be too cute to alter...someday.

More Miscellaneous items...the gold/yellow box was put in my Goodwill pile, everything else is in the recycle bin. (although isn't that round butterfly box so cute!  I just have nothing to put it in and I need to let it go.)

I get a lot of free items in the mail for donating.  I thought I would alter these, but again, they just sat unused.  The Toys for Tots albums were toss (I don't think they are recyclable and I don't think Goodwill can do anything with them.)  The two mini scrapbook albums have been saved for now.  I can probably use them someday.

Now this bunch was a bit harder.  I kept the 3 plain paint cans, the mini lunch pails, the Razzle mini cans, and 2 of the brats paint cans.  

Going through everything was hard, but if I got it for free (whether with a purchase of something else or in the mail), it was easier to toss/recycle.  I have more items to go through, but it is getting there.  Little by little, I will be clutter free.

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  1. Oh man. You're so brave! So hard for me to throw things out when I imagine all the things I can use them for. Now, I just don't buy them!


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