Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Crafty and peeks into my new space

I am finally using my craft room for it's main purpose, to be crafty!

While I am redoing my area, I am trying very hard not to spend that much money to revamp it.

Years ago, I bought 2 cork boards and 2 chalkboards from Target (only 1 of each pictured).

In my yellow room, I used black and white accents.  But I figured in my white room, I wanted a pop of color.  I have seen lots of turquoise rooms and that color just went well with the white walls and the already black items I had, so I decided to use some of the acrylic paints I had on hand (maybe someday I will share that collection of paints!).

First, I took off the hooks on the back and unhinged the cork & chalkboards from the frame.

I painted the cork board turquoise (just the normal "flat" acrylic).  I use foam brushes (cheap and reusable, but disposable).  Depending on the color you want to obtain, you will need to let the first coat dry before applying the next coat.  I used 4 coats to get the color I wanted.

The frame around the cork board was going to stay black, but I added 1 coat of black gloss since it was kind of dulling.  (good thing acrylic paints are water soluble and that will wipe right up from my desk.)

The chalkboard itself is going to stay black, but the frame was painted turquoise.  This frame takes a few coats.  First with 2 or 3 coats of the normal "flat" turquoise, then 1 final coat of a gloss turquoise. (I swear this paint isn't as blue as it is coming out in the pictures!)

The final result

(blah!  The color cast in this room still sucks.  I could have taken out my SLR, but I just took this quicky photo and did a little editing--close enough)

I also took this shoe box out of the recycle bin last week before it was pick up day...

I painted the box black and the lid turquoise.  Each took a few coats of flat acrylic then 2 coats of the gloss.

It now holds all my "Works in Progress"--see I know items will come in handy one day!  My problem is one day never comes ha ha ha.  

I thought I would take a break from showing the stuff I got rid of and do a sneak peek of my new room!

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  1. I do love me some turquoise! Great job!


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