Saturday, December 17, 2011

Renegade Fair with my SBBF (ScrapBook Best Friend)

Last summer, my SBBF and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair for the first time in San Francisco.  We had a blast.  Unfortunately, we haven't seen each other since!  But today we went to the Holiday version of the Renegade Craft Fair--still in San Francisco, but at a different venue.

They had the most awesome booths, but these two vendors were mobile!

I didn't catch the name of this bicycle vendor, but this crocheter is dorklandia (love the name!).

As much as I wanted to buy something from everyone at the fair, I could not.  Only these items came home with me.

1. Death Birthday Card by genuine haha  My 16 year-old daughter said she would cry if she got a card like that :/
2. Cutest Robot cards by Satsuma Press  The designers son made this design.  He is 6 years old and has a neuromuscular disorder :(
3. & 4. 'to-do" list and tape measure washi tape by Oh, Hello Friend
5. Giraffe button by Steppie this was for my daughter who loves Giraffes because of Brandon Belt
6. Toffee...mmmmm... by P.O.P. Candy  mmmmmm...

Even though I didn't purchase much at the fair, I brought home a bunch of business cards so I can purchase from them in the future.

(you can see the picture of me and Liz in the Magnolia Photo Booth--we couldn't figure out when the picture was being taken...I look like a dork!)

Here are a few of my favorites...

Le Petit Elefant~Cutest drawings ever!!  I am hanging her business card in my craft room (rawr!)
Neiko Ng~Cutest drawings ever!! (yes, I know)  I missed out the first round and wasn't able to catch Snow White and Ariel the second go round...must order from her :)
Unicorn crafts~cute earrings
Oxleberry~Cutest monsters and sad snowman (I should have gotten the snowman!)
Skeletal Dropkick~I'd love to grow a plant in them!
Sincere Sheep~pretty yarns
Collage Lab~I'd love to Scrapbook with those papers!
Wool Buddy~Adorable Stuffed Animals
Leafcutter Designs~Again, I should have left with the Notepaper Embroidery kit--too cute!
Victory Garden Yarn~I wanna be her! :)

There were a ton more vendors...I could be here forever linking all the vendors, but that would be silly since they are listed online.

One thing that the majority of the vendors had were the most awesome tool ever!  It was called Square and they could swipe credit cards from their iPhones!!! (we seen one vendor with an iPad 2 and another with an Android phone.)  I want one of those!

And since my bestie and I haven't seen each other in forever, we exchanged gifts (birthday/Christmas/everyday findings for each other).  Here is what I received

Liz made me the cutest book ever!  I can't wait to use it and show it in more detail :)

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  1. Always a good time!:) I love the birthday card, too, but I would probably cry, too, if I got it, haha!


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