Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift making

I wish I was more organized and would think of gifts in plenty of time to make all my Christmas gifts, but I am not.

This past week, I came across the cutest slouchy pattern via Ravelry.  It was by Julie King at Gleeful Things.  She was generous enough to share her Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat Pattern for FREE!!

I have searched for the perfect slouchy beret type pattern forever and even came up with a pattern last year, but this one is much better.  The only person I knew that might enjoy it was my niece.  I went to Joann's with my 50% coupon and came home with the same yarn the awesome pattern maker used.  This was the first time I used Lion Brand Yarn's Hometown USA...and I love it!!!!!

Here is the hat that only took less than 2 hours to make while waiting for my son at the dentist! :D

One Christmas present down...too many to go.

I am thinking about offering to make anyone a hat for free on my Facebook page.

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