Friday, November 11, 2011

I love a good sale, but I really love an awesome clearance

Every Sunday, I go for the newspaper...but I only look at the ads. Most of the time, nothing catches my eye, but I will tear out the Michael's 40% coupons (which I haven't been using too much anymore).

Well this week, I found that the Lion Brand Yarn Baby's First yarn was going to be on sale for $3.49--normally $5.99. add to my excitement, they were also offering a 20% off entire purchase (including Sale items!) coupon. The coupon was only good on Friday and Saturday--no problem, I had Friday off--Yay!

I went online and even found a pattern I have been wanting to try out with this yarn.

(photo from
(pattern available online at Lion Brand Yarn)

So Friday morning, even though I had the day off, I got up, got ready, and headed over to Michaels a bit after they open at 9am. I went to the yarn section and all the yarn is on sale! I was in heaven. I go to the Baby's First area and they have 7 colors available. My first choice was to make a pink blanket in Fairy Tale.

(photo from

Unfortunately, they only had 4 skeins from the same lot and I needed 5.  (I have tried using different lot #'s before and even though they look similar on the skein, once you make something you can sometimes tell the slight difference in the shade.)  So I went onto the cream "Pixie Dust", but they only had 2 skeins in each lot...Reallly?? Same went with the blue "Splish Splash", the white "Cotton Balls", the green/blue "Sea Sprite", and the yellow "Honey Bee". I already made a blanket in the green "Bean Stalk" so I didn't even bother looking at the lot numbers. I was so bummed. I looked at all the other yarns on sale, but I didn't have anything in mind--I could have totally come home with a lot of yarn, if I had ideas for them, but I have been trying to avoid buying items just to buy them, because I find out that I usually don't have enough for a project when I do want to use it.

San yarn, I went up to the checkout counter since I had a pack of Halloween paper in my hands that I had grabbed from outside where all the Halloween items were on clearance. I figured it might be 40% off, if I was lucky.

(photo from

It rang up as $2.99--regularly $14.99 (80% off)!! SCORE! I left with a smile on my face even though I was sure I would be leaving with lots of yarn in hand.

The good thing is that I went early Friday morning and I still have all of Friday and all of Saturday to stalk the other Michaels stores I have access to :)

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