Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby First Yarn

For some reason, I love Lion Brand yarn.  I know there are plenty of people who do not like "cheaper" yarn that can be bought in the big box stores, but I fall in love with a lot of their yarn.

Earlier this year, I bought some Lion Brand Baby's First yarn in beanstalk (horrible picture, but it is a light green color), because I really wanted to make a baby granny square blanket.  Back in March, this was my first try at a baby blanket.

According to this picture, it wasn't too bad of a first try, but it really was not very square.  

I crochet too tight--always have and I don't think I will be able to learn to stop.  So the answer to that problem is to just use a bigger hook.  This pattern called to use a size K hook which is 6.5mm.  The next "normal" size up in the U.S. is an L with is 8.0mm...what happened to 7mm or 7.5mm???  I did a search and 7mm is "normal" in other parts of the world.  Curious, I went to the forums at Ravelry because those ladies have all the answers.  Prior to asking on the forum, I did an online search to see what came up, but everything was pretty pricey and most came from overseas, so delivery was high as well.  I am used to paying under $3 for a hook.  Luckily, I was given better tips on how to search online and I found a place that was in the U.S.  For under $5, I am now the owner of a 7mm hook.  I took apart the first blanket and crocheted it again.

It is a little off still, but I think I need to now learn how to block my items...that should be fun!

 Last Friday, I was complaining that I was unable to find 5 skeins of the same lot in the Baby's First yarn.  Well later that day, I talked my husband into stopping at another Michaels which happened to be 20 miles away (but we were in that neighborhood anyway doing some other shopping) and I lucked out and found 5 skeins of the same lot color!  I can't wait to start a new baby blanket. 

*regarding, I love using this bag from Kara's Cupcakes to store my yarn and two, for some reason this picture make it look like the skein are not the same shade even though they are supposed to be the same lot...I just think it is the crappy lighting in my craft room.

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