Sunday, November 20, 2011

Craft Faire goodie

In September, I ordered a crochet hook holder from a seller on Etsy.

(picture from seller's etsy)

I waited about 2 weeks and I hadn't received my item.  So I sent a message through Etsy to the seller.  An automated response came back that the seller was severely ill and if I wanted to wait for my item or request a refund.  I replied that I would wait.  I waited about a month and still nothing.  I went to send another message and the Etsy seller no longer had a shop.  Luckily I "only" spent $12.50 on the item.  I really hope the seller didn't die!  But I did let both Etsy and PayPal know of the non-receipt of the item, just in case the seller just "skipped town" with other people's money!  I let the $12.50 go and didn't go any further with PayPal.  I mean if the seller was severely sick and is in the hospital or going through treatments, I totally wish her the best of luck, but if it was just a scam, then that sucks :(

Anywho...I received an email that there was going to be a Craft Faire in San Jose called Jingle Fest 2011.  I love Craft Faires.  Since it was on Sunday aka husband's football day, I decided to check it out.  It was kinda small, but it was cool to look at all the stuff people make.  There was a bunch of jewelry, that I don't wear, but there were a few booths that sold handmade cards and crochet items.  One booth had the cutest little girl one-of-a-kind dresses.  The one dress I absolutely adored was too small for my youngest niece.

I was about to leave (only stayed about 25 minutes--that is how small it was), when I seen a booth, Firebabe Boutique, that had some crochet hook holders!  Well you can use the case to hold hooks or make-up brushes.  And she even had crayon holders.  Anyway, I picked this one up

I am so excited to finally be able to keep my hooks in order by size!

I left thinking about maybe seeing about selling there next year...if I have a big enough inventory :)

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