Friday, October 28, 2011

iAm now an iAddict...

I always swore that I would never buy any Apple products.  Well little by little, Apple crept into my life.  I got an iPhone 8 month's ago and then...

About a month ago, my HP (running on crappy Vista) died.  Well I got the blue screen of death.  My husband's friend tried to help me save it, but it was a Vista and he couldn't.  I hadn't backed up my photos and other data for over a year!  I was not happy with myself, but I knew it was my own fault.  I wanted my pictures from my computer, but more than that, I NEEDED my tax returns and such.  I was very hesitate of taking my computer to the Best Buy Geek Squad or any other computer tech that could ultimately save my data, but would have access to it first.

Luckily, I talked to my uncle and he told me about a cable that could save me!
I had to take my computer apart to get the hard drive out and it worked!  Using my daughter's computer, I was able to get the data off of it and transfer it to my external hard drive--yay!  Then I ran virus software on the hard drive...good news--no virus, bad news--the virus could be on the BIOS start-up whatever and even if I reformatted my hard drive, the virus might still be on there lurking.

Like he talked me into buying an iPhone, my husband enabled me into buying my first iMac.
I am a bit nervous, but excited.  I went to my local library and picked up some books to help me make the move.  So far I like it, but it is new...who doesn't like new things :)

So I went to despising everything Apple to becoming one of those Mac people.  One of the cool parts is having my calendar link via the iCloud--awesome.  I even color coordinated my family in my calendar now.  Unfortunately, the Office 2004 we bought for my husband's Mac a few years ago (with 3 licenses) will not work on the OS X Lion--doh!

My next step is to get my photos all organized and make a burned back up copy of them.

**I do still hate iTunes though...that program is a big pain--my music keeps disappearing and I have to re-install it onto my phone!

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