Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minnie Mouse hats

Back at the beginning of May, my SIL called me to describe to me a hat she had seen on a baby.  From her description, I made my 3 nieces this hat.  (My SIL is my biggest client.)

(toddler size)

(child's size)

(teen size)

The hat is a basic dc (double crochet) hat with flaps & braids.  I added pompoms to the top for the ears and to the bottom of the braids.  I am sure I am attaching the pompoms to the bottom incorrectly, but I cannot find any help on YouTube or anything on the internet that makes any sense to me--most patterns just say "attach the pompoms"--yes, but how???

It did take me a while to find the red w/white polka dot ribbon.  I had made my toddler and 8 year-old nieces their hats, then my teenage niece asked for one sans the ribbon.

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