Saturday, August 13, 2011

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Free Friday Night Concerts

For years, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has been hosting free Friday night concerts and we never make it out there.  To be honest, the bands that play are usually one-hit wonders or "old" long forgotten bands.  Ok, they usually still have a following otherwise they wouldn't draw a crowd, right?

This summer, we bought our daughter a season pass to the Boardwalk and have only taken her twice, so we had planned on going this past Friday night.  Since I am a fan of the Boardwalk on Facebook, I seen that Berlin was playing.  My husband didn't know who I was talking about and well neither did the kids.

The bands play twice--once at 6:30 and a second time at 8:30.  We caught the tail end of the first concert and my husband did recognized the song "Take My Breath Away" which was featured in the film Top Gun--and for the record, I have never seen that movie because in 1986, I didn't see the fuss in Tom Cruise and still don't :)

Terri Nunn rocked a more modern Black with Blonde hair style.  (Those Berlin fans will remember her black tipped blonde hair.)

We came back for the 8:30 show and seen her walk into the crowd.

I hope I look that great when I am 50!!!  Shoot, I want to look like that at 38 :)

Oh right, this is a photography blog...Well everytime we go out there, I bring my camera but usually fail at taking great photos.  This time I brought my D50, but I took my kit lens that came with my D300.  The lens was probably heavier than the camera!  ha ha ha.  I tried using Aperture mode then Shutter Mode, but went back to the handy dandy Auto Mode.  And I normally try to stay clear from using the flash, but during the concert it actually helped even though we were pretty far back from the stage.  I did a little cropping and some slight color correction in Paint Shop Pro X2. 

Side note, I always thought that RAW was the best way (and I still use it all the time), but I couldn't figure out why my photos were always so drab and flat.  I thought I was doing something wrong until I read an article letting me know that when you shoot in RAW, you NEED to edit--and all this time I just thought the pictures were supposed to be awesome straight out of the camera.  I wish I could find the article I read, but I can't.

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