Sunday, August 21, 2011

In my bag

I have read a lot of "in my bag" posts over the years, so I thought I would finally give it a try.

This is my crochet notions bag.

I got this bag a lllllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time ago.  It is originally from Bath & Body Works.  I think my mom gave me the bag then it sat in my gift wrapping box forever waiting to be used.  Finally, I had the perfect use for it.

A look inside. 

Sometimes when I am working on a small project--like a hat, I take out the stuff I don't need and just put a skein of yarn inside.  When closed, it is 2 1/2 inches thick, so it fits more than one would think from looking at the picture.

 1.  11 hooks from Lion Brand, Susan Bates, and Boye

 2.  Pencils & pen to note any variations that I have used to patterns

 3. & 4.  Yarn Needles  The blue ones are for thicker yarns and the steel ones are the most used.  I am sad because I lost one of the needles from my steel set...yes, I can only use one at a time, but I don't like losing things--it feels incomplete :(

 5.  Martha Stewart Scissors  These were given to me by my aunt.  I was looking for some small scissors for scrapbooking and she loaned these to me.  I loved them and she let me have them.  Little did I know I would soon use them strictly for cutting my yarn.  I love these little scissors.

 6.  Lion Brand PomPom Maker  I don't really care for this pompom maker, but it does it's job.

 7.  Susan Bates Stitch Markers  I used these once and I didn't really care to use them.  But I probably should, it would help me not have to count as much :)

 8.  Tape Measure.  I took this out of my sewing "kit"...(**my sewing kit entails white and black thread, some needles and ironing hem, because that is how crafty I am--ha ha ha.)

 9.  Carpal Tunnel Craft Glove.  When I first started crocheting, I crocheted very tightly and my hand hurt.  I still crochet too tight, but I have not needed the glove lately.

10.  Pin backs I thought I would use these more often, but I really haven't.  I figured when I make something with a flower I can just attach it with a pin so the buyer could easily take it off if they aren't in a flowery mood.

11.  Barrette backs  Same concept as the pins (attach to a hat or scarf) and I thought I would make some barrettes by themselves to sell...which I haven't done yet :p 

12.  Yarn labels--ok, this is kinda odd, but useful.  I keep the labels of the yarn I have used after I am finished with it.  It helps me with the washing instructions--useful, but I also keep them for every say I have used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, sure 1 label is helpful, but I have 5 of them (one for each color)--odd.

So there is a look into my slightly neurotic crochet bag.

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  1. That's cool that you can fit SO many things in there! I love repurposing bags for crafty stuff, too!:)


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