Tuesday, July 19, 2011

110 Film

In 2001, McDonald's was giving away Spy Kids Cameras with their Happy Meals (and I see that you can buy one online for $16!).  Cool...except it took 110 film.  Way back at the turn of the century (2001), some stores like Walmart still carried 110 film.  My kids could not wait to use their "cameras", so I bought a pack of three 110 film.  They used it...the photos came out crappy and they were done with them.  The cameras hid in their toy boxes, then went into a box.  A couple of years ago, I came across one that we still had and dug into my box of film (yes, I still have film that I am sure is expired.)

So 2 summers ago, I loaded the expired film up and headed to the park to just play around.  Well then the film sat in my purse for months, then on my desk for months.  I finally found a place online, Swan Photo Labs,  that I could send the film to get developed.  Well then that information sat waiting to be used.  Finally, 2 years later, I sent my film in to get developed and burned onto a disc.  I didn't need the prints, I just wanted to see what "art" I could come up with.  For the mere cost of $16 (includes both shipping to and back), I got my images--Now maybe I can sell this camera online and recover my cost--ha ha ha. 

1.  I knew this was a crappy camera.  2.  I knew the film was expired to begin with.  3.  The film tossed around my purse and desk for a couple of years.  So, no, I didn't get any artsy photos...just blur and noise and a line through most of them :)

I am kinda bummed that they aren't square photos, but it was fun playing with the camera and maybe someday I will play in PaintShop a bit to see if I can do anything with them...my guess would be no--oh well.  It was worth a shot :D  I will just stick to my iPhone and the artsy filters on that :p

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