Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Album ~Prom~

I have not scrapbooked in a long time.  Scrapbooking was my first hobby!  I have so much stuff because I think shopping for supplies was my second hobby :-p  Whether it was time or my other hobbies getting in the way, I just haven't scrapbooked in a while.

Then, I bought the latest issue of Mini Albums.  I normally try to steer clear of buying these because 1. they are kinda pricy 2. I have too many idea books already and 3. I never use said idea books I already have!

But this issue, not only caught my eye, it was 10% off (ok, free tax) and my awesome Aunt had given me a gift certificate to Joann' really it was free--she rocks!

Well I have a ton of idea books that I like things, but never go back and actually do them.  But this time, I seen a mini album for a prom and the light went on!  Last month, I took pictures of my Goddaughter before her Senior Prom.  I was totally going to make her one.  Problem, it was already late Monday and I wanted to give it to her on Saturday.  Plenty of time for normal scrapbookers, but I usually take forever to get something together.


~Monday--only time to print some pictures (I really need to calibrate my monitor because all my pictures are so dark when I print them!).  I also pulled out the perfect chipboard book that my equally awesome Scrapbook Bestie gave me a while back.  It is now discounted, but I finally found something cool to do with it. Cloud9 Board Book 8 x 3.25

~Tuesday--we had plans and didn't get home until late :(

~Wednesday--I went "shopping" in my craft room to find the perfect papers (DCWV All Dressed Up--totally old, but perfect!), ribbon, and looked for anything I thought I would love to use!  I started the book and only finished the front and back covers.  I was kinda bummed I hadn't finished more.  I didn't think I was going to make the deadline.

~Thursday--Finished the box and a few more pages in the book.

~Friday--Got into a rhythm and finished it in no time (like in 2 hours!)  Then I was so excited that I had to share a sneak peek to my aunt...even though I wanted her to be surprised as well.

The book comes in a box, so here is the front    
and the back
The DCWV papers are pretty thick and luckily the box had some extra room, but the booklet snuggly fits inside
The front cover 
Showing off the details including her beautiful shoes and his comfy sneakers.  The journaling (the only journaling I did because I hate that part of the process) says "Important Details *Hair *Makeup *Shoes Beautiful Perfection".
Her and her girl friends
Her, her friends and their dates
Her and her boyfriend
More of her and her boyfriend
Last page is a picture of her boyfriend carrying her shoes and her and her parents
Back of the book.
I really had a great time doing this book.  And I was so excited that it didn't take me forever to do!  I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. 

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