Sunday, May 22, 2011

I really hate my camera (ok, I just suck at photography :p )

I was so excited to be able to watch my goddaughter go to her Senior Prom.  Of course, I brought my camera.  But this time, I did not bring my D50.  I figured it is going to be bright and sunny what could go wrong?  UGH...I suck at this!!  Ok, inside the house, I know I needed the flash on--this would have been such a perfect photo because she had just walked out of her room...I forgot to turn the flash on!  UGH

Ok, it was sunny outside, so I had my ISO at 200...I left my camera in Aperture mode f/11.  I know something is totally wrong.  I even changed the ISO to 400 and 800, but I still had problems. 

I was so mad...mad at myself.  I did get some good pictures, but I wanted all of them to be perfect!

I had to clone on some spots from dust on the camera...the sun was totally in the wrong place.  This one is a bit blurry, but not too bad. 

I had to correct the coloring on a few, but I blame that on the positioning of the sun!  ha ha ha...close up, this one is a bit blurry as well.

To say I was bummed out is an understatement.  But my goddaughter and aunt (her mom) loved them regardless how crappy some of them came out.  There were a few that were pretty good.  And I guess a "normal" person wouldn't have taken 200--only like 50 ha ha ha.

I know part of my problem (yeah only part) is the fact that I don't own a tri-pod...correction a tri-pod that will hold my camera up.  Years ago, my husband and kids bought me a Sunpak tri-pod that worked great with my D50, but this is what happened when I tried to use it on my D300...slowly, but surely, it would fall facing the floor.

So the day after the prom, I went to Best Buy (I love that place!) and picked up this Manfrotto tri-pod.  I knew Manfrotto was a good brand, but I was a little unsure about this model.  It was on clearance for $115--originally $230.  I normally wouldn't pay that much, but the blurry pictures made me realize how much I needed a tripod badly.

I was a little leary about getting the clearance item because I can't take it back.  But the brand name is great right?  And it was a ball head too...not just panning.  I came home (after already purchasing it) and googled the model.  I could only find 1 review.  I have no idea why, but it was a good review and it says it is a good tripod for beginners--which I am.  All I know is that it holds my camera upright!

My next wishlist item (besides a macro/micro lens) is a cable release.  someday...

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