Friday, April 29, 2011

I chickened out

Today, we took the kids to a nearby Aquarium.  I packed my D300, but at the last minute, I brought my D50 (with the 50mm lens attached), as well. 

Well when we got to the aquarium, I pulled out the D50.  I always fall to that camera because of the Auto mode.  I did start out in Aperture Mode, but it was taking too long for me to figure out what I needed everything on.  Since 1) the kids and husband don't like waiting for me and 2) I get very self-conscience around people, I didn't feel like fumbling around figuring out the settings.  So in Auto mode it went and the whole time I carried the D300 in my bag which isn't very light.

Here are some shots in Auto mode without the flash (most displays ask that you not use your flash)



Sand Dollars

A fish, not leaf

Flowers outside

A mural

And I am sure we aren't the first ones to find Nemo :)

The coloring is really really bad.  I really need to finish up these lessons and practice practice practice, so I don't feel self-conscience about changing my settings around people.

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