Friday, April 22, 2011

Granny Square Apron

I seen the cutest apron pattern on Ravelry (you need to be signed up to see patterns on this site).  It was by Tangled Happy who got the idea on Flickr from here

I need to work on my sewing the granny squares together.  I also added another round to the pattern on my granny squares.

I knew I really wanted to make the apron, but wasn't sure if I could actually sell it, but I knew the perfect person to give it to.  My Bestie collects aprons, so I knew she would get a kick out of it.

My 16 year-old daughter thought it was dumb, but per the original post--it might actually be a fashionable item to wear with jeans and t-shirts.

I made it with Cotton-Ease (a cotton/acrylic blend) from Lion Brand Yarns, so that it would totally be washable.

I am finally able to share since she received her give earlier this week.

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