Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tiny Giants

I had a request to make some beanies for twin preemies in the San Francisco Giants colors.  Well they do not make baby yarn in black, so I went with Red Heart Soft Yarn.  I didn't really follow a pattern but I came up with this

When I posted on my facebook page that I was currently working on some tiny Giants hats, I got a request to make a baby boy hat as well.

Well the baby boy hat (top--duh--ha ha ha) didn't fit the 3 week old I made it for--ugh (luckily it was for a family member).

So if that one didn't fit, I had a feeling the preemie hats would be too small (plus the order wasn't going to be given to the preemies until they were 2-3 weeks old and they grow fast!)

Here was round two.  Not much difference in the boy hat

But on the girl hats, I tried to use a scalloped edge to give it a more girly look.  I hope the Giants fans love it as much as I do!  (and I hope these one fit)

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  1. LOVE! The scalloped edge is a really nice touch!:)


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