Sunday, March 6, 2011

Never say never

I swore that I would never own anything that started with an "i" (iPod, iMac, iPhone...). Well like the saying goes, never say never.

2 years ago, I went with a Samsung Epix phone--a what? Exactly! It was a Windows based phone which I loved having the Excel app that I didn't have to purchase and an actual keyboard, but other than that, it wasn't that great of a phone--I couldn't even get the software on my stupid Vista computer!!(that is another story though)

My husband had the iPhone and tried to talk me into one at the time, but I refused to buy into Apple. Last summer, he upgraded to the iPhone 4 and I absolutely loved all the available apps and the camera! 5MP with flash!! Awesome.

I really did my research on all the other phones and I was really liking the touch screen Blackberry torch that had a keyboard, but the fact that it came out in August at $200 and is now only $50 tells me that it probably isn't that great. Plus I had read an article how Blackberry is now third after iPhone and Android phones. 

I bit the bullet and now I am one of "those" people that have an iPhone. I love it! I admit, once a century, I am wrong-ha ha ha.

The Kindle app rocks! I have downloaded my camera manuals!!! The iPod is awesome...I love playing games on it--whoo hoo! Streaming Netflix and ABC--yay!!!

Did I say it had an awesome camera??? Yeah, 5 megapixels might not be able to make an 16 x 20 photo, but it is great enough for carrying around camera.

And I LOVE the apps!!!

My current favorite is the Retro Camera (for free!)

You get 5 different frames

The Little Orange Box

The Barbl

xolaroid 2000

Pinhole Camera



You can also take pictures in black and white on all of them--except, I haven't figured out how to do it on the Barbl.

The image quality isn't great on this app, but it is free and it is good enough to post to facebook.

I can't wait to use the other camera apps I have!

I do have a couple of gripes though. 1--no physical keyboard, but I did buy a stylus that helps me out with the typing and 2--it won't work with the Polaroid PoGo that I have--boo!

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