Monday, February 21, 2011


I have a problem...I am a hoarder. I also love bargains. I had found this yarn on clearance--actually I had found 2 skeins on clearance. Problem I had nothing to do with it and I really didn't care for the color.

I am really trying to use the yarn I have on hand and I really wanted to use this yarn. It hit me to use them with other yarns. I had a beige on hand as well, so I hit Michaels when Vanna's Choice was on sale (which is most weeks) and picked up a third color--brown.

I loved the color combo

I found this scarf pattern at Lion Brand Yarn. It is called "crochet 2 hours or less scarf" (you need to sign up to see the pattern). I did alter it a bit. I used a 11.5mm instead of the Q-19 and I added 100 to the chain to make up for the change and only did 5 rows instead of 6.

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  1. Me likey! P.S. You're such a pro now - using crochet speak that I can't even understand, hee hee! :)


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