Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apron Challenge

This year, our company holiday party was a team-building party.  We cooked our own meal at a local restaurant.  To go with the theme, the Secret Santa this year was to make your person an apron.  We all started with the same plain apron.

(ugly color to match anything with!)

Before we picked names, I totally had an idea for some of my co-workers...but of course I didn't get anyone that I had an idea for.  I picked our receptionist and I was having a hard time thinking of what to do.  I really didn't want to do a football theme--her son plays Pop Warner Football.  I knew I wanted something girly and cute for the apron.  Then I was inspired by these aprons I seen at

And then it came to me.  Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer--she went through treatments and was out for a few months.  She got the call that she was free from cancer!  YAY!  So I googled the ribbon for Thyroid Cancer to see the colors.  The colors are turquoise, pink, and blue--not a very good color combination, but I would somehow get it to work.

I had the idea of going to Joann's buying some cute material (they have to have something with turquoise and pink, right?) and borrowing my mom's sewing machine.  Then I remembered, I don't know how to sew!  ha ha ha.  I went to Joann's and was so clueless about how I was going to pull it off and they didn't have anything that had turquoise and pink together.

Instead, I bought some really pretty turquoise ribbon,

 some brown ruffly ribbon,

 and a few hot pink flowers.

  I then ordered a survivor ribbon pin from Choose Hope to tie it all together. 

 I thought I was a shoe in to win!

But the plan look took over the thoughtfulness of the apron.  Oh well.  I know that of all the aprons that were made, I think she will actually be able to wear hers to cook :D

Here is the one I was given (with a hat)

She photo shopped my face into a picture with Guy from the Food Network Channel.  We watch that channel at lunch sometimes and he is always on.

I had fun making it and we all had fun looking at how creative everyone was and what they came up with for their person.

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