Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who knew...

I have been having this mild pain every so often in my right chest area for about a week.  It comes and goes and nothing too major, but there has been times when I would get up and have to shorten my breath.

I went onto WebMD because well anyone can diagnose themselves, right?  Well since I really couldn't pinpoint the area of the pain and because I had my gallbladder removed last month and because my liver numbers were high prior to surgery, I was assuming it could be something wrong with my liver.

I finally made an appointment with my doctor...maybe I had something wrong with my lungs (even though it didn't hurt when coughing or sneezing or taking deep breathes)--cause you know you can diagnose yourself via WebMD--ha ha ha.

The doctor was pressing on places on my back when she hit a very super sensitive spot--OUCH!  The only thing in that area is a muscle...between my spine and shoulder blade.  In addition to that spot, there was a place on my side and upper abdominal area that have been sore.  She asked me if I have lifted anything heavy--not that I can remember.  If my work station changed--nope.  I couldn't think of anything.  So while she was getting me some free muscle relaxer samples, it came to me, maybe just maybe...

I asked her if it could be caused by crocheting.  Yep it certainly could--oh man!  Of course I had to google to see if I was "normal".

How To Prevent Injury While Crocheting 

There is a whole article on it!!  Who knew you could be injured from crocheting!

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