Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Favorite Hat Pattern

I usually go through phases where I have a favorite pattern which I will make over and over. 

Currently, it is this Blossom Cap pattern created by Brittany Jackson.  I was searching through the Ravelry website (a username & password are required but are free), when I came across her amazing pattern.

Since I have read concerns about using other people's patterns for items to sale, I contacted her through Facebook...gotta love the internet.  She graciously allowed me to use her pattern as long as I give her credit.

Here are my creations (so far!)
All the hats use my favorite yarn by Lion Brand Yarn in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

This is the first hat I completed in Linen
As you can tell from the top picture, it is pretty small.  I am hoping it will actually fit a baby--hahaha.  I have to measure it still before I place it for sale.

My second try was for an adult in Fisherman (off-white)

super cozy for cold winters (I might actually keep this one for myself--shhh!).

Then I got inspiration to make one for Halloween. 

I was totally going to make it look like a pumpkin and place leaves on the top, but after looking on Etsy, I notice a huge supply of pumpkin hats for infants.  Instead, I placed a green flower on the side.  That way, it is more of a fall hat than just a halloween hat for a small child.  The flower can also be removed, if need be.

I love crocheting :D


  1. Love these! I feel all warm and cozy just looking at them!:)

  2. The hats look really great! I especially like the fall hat.


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