Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Future BagLady

ok, you heard it here first, I think I am going to become a baglady--ha ha ha.

If you know me, you know I am not fashionable.  I am plain and cheap (mostly cheap though--ha ha ha).  But lately, I have been drooling over purses/handbags...whichever you prefer.

Back in March, I posted about some awesome camera bags that look like purses.  Since, I have entered a couple of contests to try and win one with no luck.  The last contest, I even asked my mom, my aunt, and my husband to enter to win it for me too, but none of us won :( 

So today, I get home and what is waiting for me?  A box...a Box labeled Ginger from Epiphanie Bags!!!!  I love it!  I can look fashionable and carry my cameras and then some in this bag!

My husband totally surprised me with an early (2 month's early) birthday present!!!  Yay!

But not only that, this was my second surprise of early presents this past few days.  In May, I seen a cute bag that my aunt had and told my mom how much I loved it.  She told me the brand and said she found it on eBay...of course I am not into brand names, but I had to search for it.  I had no luck.  Then on Sunday, I went to visit with my mom and they had found a similar bag (just a different pattern) and she told me that if I wanted it, it could be my birthday present!  The thing is huge inside!!!

I have already taken it to the beach (you can see the sand inside--ha ha ha).

A pretty picture of them both:

But I really think this love for these bags has struck one of my obsessive collection strings.  The other day, we were at TJ Maxx and I seen this cute purse

Totally not me, but it is cute.  I read the price tag...$19.99.  I was like I would never use it, so I wouldn't pay 20 bucks for it.  Then I looked again and the tag said $119.99--I totally didn't see that first 1--oh my goodness, um, no.  But it was totally cute :D 


  1. Ha ha! I meant to say that you can JOIN the club! I've got bags on the brain, ha ha!

  2. Congrats on your two bags! Now you can the club (I've got two plastic totes filled with bags and even more just around my closet).:)


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