Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why yes, a short person hung these...

I take pictures...scratch that...I take A LOT of pictures.  Lately, I have seen some really cute b&w photos of New York and Chicago at Target...well I have been there and I have pictures--So why would I spend $20 on them at Target? 

That got me thinking that I really need to print all the pictures that I take--ok, not all the pictures, but some of the photos.  I started with printing pictures of people...I will hold off on the photos of the places for now because I want to complete this wall.
The lamp is actually in the corner (this picture makes it look like 1 continuing wall), so one wall had 1 photo and the other wall had 1 photo.  I needed to start somewhere, so I went online to Scrapbook Pictures since I had heard good reviews on Two Peas in a Bucket.  I uploaded 5 of my favorite pictures.  Then I went to Michaels since they had 40% off of their frames.  Here is the current product
I only used black frames, but I made sure that they were different.  I did not come up with the arrangement of the frames.  My good friend Liz showed me an image from Martha Stewart (I think) who used the horizontal as the marker.  As I hang more photographs, the line will be more prominent.

Here is the second wall.
On this small wall, I plan on only using b&w photos.  I wish I had printed the photo with the 6 kids a bit bigger though.

Here is the Bigger Picture of my collage walls
Someday, I hope to get an L shape couch for this room and if I do, the pictures might be a bit close to the back.  Well that is what happens when a short person hangs the frames--ha ha ha. 

I cannot wait to add to this wall and complete this room.  I am not big on deocorating...I have some decorative items that I have had for years that I haven't hung up yet, but these memories excite me.

In the corner, you can see a mirror that I have had for 13 years!!  It is dark green which worked when I was into green and when we had green couches.  I have held onto this mirror because it was one of the big parts of our first home in Manteca.  I just can't get rid of it.  I plan on spray painting it black and hanging in on the opposite side of the room.

I think the biggest hurdle in the past was the hammer and nails, but now that 3m has these nifty Picture Hanging Strips, I can hang stuff up all the time--easy smeasy.  They are a bit pricey but so worth it--no finding the stud (both the husband to hammer and the one in the wall--ha ha ha).

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  1. Good job on getting your pics up! I think the placement is great (at eye level - ok, at eye level for us shorties, ha ha!). I think it's supposed to be 60 inches from the floor to the middle of the picture (or the middle of your arrangement). Now I gotta get those picture hanging strips!


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