Monday, May 17, 2010

Visions (Part III)...

Three tutus down, one to go.  This one is more a purple-ish pink and I found it at Target ($10)!  It is a girls XL, but it fit my daughters waist.  She isn't too much into the color, so now I am looking for a purple one for her.
I am getting so excited!!!  Here is the spot I hope to take the picture at

(goodness, I really hate this point & shoot camera that I carry in my purse.  The color of the skirt is so off and the bridge is blurry--ugh!!!)

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  1. glad you're finding the tutus..and fast! i went back to the thrift store the other day and the two plain white ones were $12.99 each and they were a little tattered.:P figured you could do much better than that and you have.:)


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