Friday, May 14, 2010

Visions of "Sugar Plums" dance in my head...

I have this is the cutest vision ever for a photograph!

(for those of you just joining me--ha ha ha)  I have 3 nieces (13yo, 7yo, & under 2), 1 nephew (13yo), a daughter (15yo), and a son (13yo).  I love to get them together to take pictures for my mom.  Roadblock #1--one of the nieces lives in another state.  Roadblock #2--one of the nieces is under 2 years.  Roadblock #3 the boys like to be silly and make faces and they can't be still for too long.  Roadblock #4 they all have different styles. 

So anyway, I have thought of the cutest picture with just the girls.  The girls are 15yo, 13yo, 7yo, & 19mo!  As much as I would love to get them all in the same style dress (different colors of course) that is pretty much impossible to do.  After cruising around Flickr and TwoPeas Photography Forum, I had this vision...Get all the girls in tutus!!!!

I don't think I will have a problem finding the two little ones tutus--actually, I scored this one today!!

6 bucks at TJ Maxx!!!  I really want something full and this will be perfect for the 7 year-old.  They had quiet a few to choose from, but I liked this one best.  I did see 1 (just one) that would have fit the baby, but it was $, no, thank you!

I really really really hope this works.  I think the 2 teens will be ok to work with and the 7 year old might be (if I bribe her with ice cream after--ha ha ha), but the baby will be a little harder to pose.  But I am up for the challenge.

My mom also suggested that we have the two boys in the background in their dirty baseball uniforms--we will see if that happens--they might just be too distracting and acting silly for me that day--ha ha ha.

I so can't wait!!!

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