Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Fast Card

I enjoy watching Stephanie Barnard's The {Stamps} of Life 30 second cards in 5 minutes because she is fun to watch and it inspires me to do more cardmaking, even if it is simple.

Last week, I did my own version (although I didn't record it) of a 30 second card.  It was super fast and super easy.

Here are the supplies I used (the pink paper is just the background--I didn't use it on the card)
Close to My Heart Stamping Foam (pictured behind the embossing folder)
Halcraft White pre-scored Card with Envelop 5 x 6 1/2 (found at Michaels-not pictured)

Here is the finished product:

(I wish you could see the cake popping out better)


  1. Love the card! I have that stamp too! Thanks for posting this I have only made one card! You have inspired me! I do have a question... so this machine... I dont have one, but I want one lol is this the same as the cuttlebug? oh and why did you pick this machine? Thanks!! Jossie (craftyjossie/Jossiem4)

    1. Thank you :) Yes, the Big Kick is similar to the Cuttlebug. I can't remember why I chose the Big Kick over the Cuttlebug. I have had it for a while so maybe I had it before the Cuttlebug came out :) But it is bulky whereas the Cuttlebug seems to take up less space.


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