Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Now that's a Hook"

If Crocodile Dundee crocheted, he would totally use an S-hook.  That thing is huge!  I didn't even know I needed a hook that big!  I received an email for a Double-Take Helmet free pattern from Leisure Arts. (you have to sign up to see the pattern), but here is a picture from the website

It is cute except it fits like a helmet (think Little House on the Praire bonnet) and not a beanie, so I improvised and I finally made a slouchy beret!!
I am so happy...I have tried a few times to make a slouchy beret, but it just doesn't turn out right.  Here is another failure--before I found my S-hook!
(it totally looks like a toilet seat cover--you know from the old school days when that was cool to have--ha ha ha)


  1. Ha ha! You should have said 'If Chuck Norris crocheted...', but Crocodile Dundee was funny, too! Cool beret!

  2. ha ha ha, yeah, I was thinking of the line in Crocodile Dundee when he said "that's not a knife...Now that's a knife" and he pulls out a machete--ok, it might have been Crocodile Dundee 2...so old school of me :D


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