Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finally a hat that...

doesn't suck--ha ha ha.  I have been trying to make a hat that actually fits.  I have had some troubles in the hat department, but I finally made one this weekend that the family all agreed was pretty cool--YAY!!

I found this pattern in the January/February issue of Crochet Today.  I wasn't too thrilled with the colors, so I changed them around.  I first made it with black & burgundy Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  Since I am still learning about yarn, I didn't realize that this stuff we a lot stiffer than what the patterned called for.  Ultimately, the hat was not only stiff, but it was also too tight on the kids heads--oops.  I really need to learn how to gauge the yarn--something that I have been avoiding to learn to do, but I guess that is why they have it in the patterns.

Here is the aftermath of me frogging that project:
(the yarn looks brown & pink, but it is burgundy & black--I hate the lighting!)

I went back to the store and bought some Red Heart Designer Sport in Cocoa & Ivory which is the type of yarn the pattern called for.  This yarn was much softer.  It did take me 2 tries on this hat, but it finally worked out and the kids thought it was cool and it fit them! 

I may not avoid hat making afterall.


  1. That IS cool! I think that would be one of your best-sellers 'coz the kids love those. How do I know? Cameron's got about 5 of them!:)

  2. You are soooo right ~ it doesn't suck!! I likey : )


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