Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "photographer" in me

I use to be obsessed with taking pictures.  Well, I still am--I carry a camera with me everywhere and I do take a "picture of the day" daily.  But we really haven't gone anywhere that I want to take a million and one pictures anymore.

I think the problem is that I have a camera that is too big for me.  I really need to take a class or two to learn how to take photographs...not just snapshot pictures, you know.  I have bought a few books on how to learn, but I am more of a "watch and learn" type girl.  Maybe I should search YouTube on how to use a camera--ha ha ha

Anyhoo...I have been drooling over this bag for a while

It is made by jill-e, but it is quite expensive.  Now if I were the type of girl who bought Coach or Prada bags, then maybe I wouldn't bat an eye, but I am not...I am more of a Ross purse type of girl.

This week, Donna Downey was giving away these cute bags by Epiphan!e
Aren't they awesome!  They are still a bit pricey but not as pricey as the Jill-e bags.  I would do the Ginger though since I am not daring enough to do colors--ha ha ha

Then I seen that Becky Higgins was also holding a Give Away for these Jo Totes

Again, I would go with the black--but that is just me.  These ones are much more afordable, but not as cute as the Epiphan!e totes.

Maybe I will ask for one for my birthday or anniversary...oh but Mother's day is coming up :D

I hope to get back into taking pictures again soon.  Now, if I can just print some and hang them around my house...

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  1. I'm sure that since the weather is getting warmer, you guys will be up and out more often and you'll be able to take pictures again. Did you ever think about taking an online class for photography like I did, or would you prefer going into an actual class? Whichever way you choose, it's pretty cool to go to and it really opens your eyes to your surroundings.

    P.S. The epiphan!e bags are cute! I think I'd go with Lola!:)


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