Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crochet Storage

Since my current obsession is Crocheting and because it will take me too long to take pictures of my scrapbook room--ha ha ha.  I will start with showing my current (and hopeful not growing too fast) crochet storage.

Yarn Storage:

I bought a couple of Michael recycle bags and have made these the homes for my yarn.  It is cool because I can just take one of the bags with some yarn, my tool case, and pattern binder with me in a jiffy.  Currently, one bag contains thicker bulky yarn and the other contains baby type yarns.  Right now, these are my absolute favorite yarns.

Tool Storage:

I have had this bag from Bath and Body Works for years and years.  I was waiting to use it someday.  And I finally found a great use for it.

One side contains the labels from the yarn (so I know how to tell a buyer how to wash and dry the item) and some flowers and hearts I practiced crocheting.  Also, on this side are my markers (you definitely learn all the neat extras you need).
The second side contains barrettes and pins, my niffy Martha Stewart scissors (thank you Auntie!), a couple of plastic needles and my array of crochet needles.

Pattern Binder:

Right now, it is a small ring binder with patterns I have found online.  I love using the View Binders because I can put the pattern that I am currently making in the front and if it is 2 pages, I can put the continuation on the back.

I do need to get some dividers though.  Right now, all my patterns are just in there.  But they are grouped into hats, scarves, coffee cozies, baby hats, and other (flowers, hearts, & snowflakes for now).  It also stores the Lion Brand Yarn catalog and my first Crochet Today magazine.  I am going to try and refrain from going crazy on the magazines--we will see how long that lasts.

Another way I keep organize is by using post-its and a pencil to keep track of where I am at on a pattern.

I really hope that this obsession does not get too out of hand.  I hope that this storage will last me a while and that I won't have to upgrade.  As long as I make new stuff with purchases, I won't have to store too much...again, we will see how long that lasts--ha ha ha.


  1. Only 1 magazine so far...we'll see how long before you have a collection : ) Cute Bath & Body bag and lovin' the hearts and flowers!! Yay you : )

  2. You're so organized! So far, I only have my needles and a couple of balls of yarn in a make-up bag...and I haven't even started crocheting! Good luck with your set-up.:)


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